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Evolve Personal Fitness | Holiday Traditions
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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

mike tyson

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!
That’s right
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day!
Now we don’t celebrate Boxing Day here in the U.S.
So, why does it show up on my desk calendar?
Well I looked it up and it has nothing to do with Mike Tyson
Boxing day is a British tradition from a couple hundred years ago
Where those with great wealth would give their servants a box of
presents the day after Christmas.
Today it is still celebrated, to some extent, in the UK and other countries that where former commonwealth lands of Great Britain.
I don’t know about you but I have no servants
I don’t know anyone else with servants
It’s been awhile since we where a part of the UK
So, again why is it even mentioned on my calendar?
Merely Tradition
Following something that has nothing to do with us whatsoever
Not really, think about things you struggle with
Your weight
Working out
Consistency from week to weekend with nutrition
Making a change with your nutrition
Changing your sleep habits
Stress relief
I could argue we do a lot of things out of “tradition”
Tradition that we created or were taught to us
Take for instance
Next week millions of people will start the tradition of starting fitness again.
Only to stop before they can actually make sustainable changes
Traditions that you have created in your
-physical health
don’t have to be
Especially if they don’t work
If they don’t yield the results you want
Don’t make you happy
You are in charge of creating positive traditions
Traditions that benefit you and your family
coach “Non-Traditional” Doug
P.S.  Traditionally we run a promo for the new year at the gym.  This year we will run another 8 week program but with a different message.  It will be the anti-resolution message.  We want people who are looking to break their traditionally failed fitness resolution.  We are looking for people who actually want to CHANGE.
Click Here if that is you or you know someone who needs to become non-traditional.

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