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Evolve Personal Fitness | This year sucked :(
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This year sucked :(

This year sucked :(

Finished the year hitting 1 of my 4 90 Day goals that I set in October

Missed on my Fitness goal of 36 BJJ classes (only 13)

Missed on my Focus goal read 6 books (only 3 and halfway into the fourth)

Missed on my Finance goal of new members added to FitDad and the gym.

But what I did hit on


Dedicated 1 on 1 time with each kid

And a surprise planned trip for Stacy and I (shhhhh)

The goals I set were high and not easy to accomplish

I knew they were going to take a great deal extra

and Full Disclosure I have really been bummed out the last few weeks.  Mostly because I felt like a failure when it came to getting these goals completed.  This was my worst performance over the past 3 years of setting 90 day goals.  I have never missed more than 1 at any other time.

Which is why my initial feeling about the recap of this year was

“It Sucked”

But if I look back at the beginning of 2017 and take it month by month it really was a great year.

I helped over 20 men with my FitDad program

I completed 90 consecutive days of 4am mobility and interval workouts

I read 12 books

I started BJJ

Earned a Stripe on my virgin white belt in BJJ

Got my son started in BJJ (which has been a game changer for him and us)

Took a great trip to Seattle with Stacy (highly recommend if you have never been, may be my new favorite place to visit)

Did a great Staycation with the family

Shot over 100 motivational videos

Sent over 100 emails this year to my various lists (most of them to you)


Did the year end up the way I would have liked?

Yes it did!

The biggest accomplishment was actually in the final qtr.

Where I put everything on hold in order to make sure that the ones who matter the most were taken care of.

I don’t tell you this for a pat on the back


that I am some super Dad

but instead to remind you that even when things don’t end up the way you expected there is still some good that came from it.  Chances are you are selling yourself short on what you did accomplish.

My challenge to you is to email me back

3 Big Victories you had for the year


3 Big Failures but with those failures what lessons did you learn?

Most of you will not respond, I know, that’s ok

Only about 3% of this list will respond with their answers

I would have you consider that the 97% that don’t respond will be in the same place next year.  I don’t mean to say that if you are in the same place that your life is bad.

But what could it be if you did change your mindset.

My goal is to help you if you fall into that 97% why not start 2018 doing something different.  Stretching your mind to finish this exercise regardless of how painful in may be for you.

If you want something different in your life then you have to do something different.

Chances are an exercise like this is something different

and doing little exercises like this work forces a different mindset

Growth Mindset

2018 The Year of Growth

Let’s see if I get more than 3%, come on you can respond while you watch football today and tomorrow.


coach “New Year” Doug


P.S. If you don’t like being challenged by me or anyone for that matter feel free to start your year without me and unsubscribe below because I can’t help.





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