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Evolve Personal Fitness | Personal Training-Fitness Coaching
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Personal Training-Fitness Coaching

Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

Evolve offers a variety of fitness coaching programs to fit your specific training needs. Not one client is the same and we all respond differently to training environments. After your orientation we will suggest a program that will fit your training goals the best and deliver the quickest results.


We believe that personal training is more than just adjusting seats and counting repetitions. Our belief is that the public should not only be motivated and assisted with exercise, but should be educated on proper technique that compliments the body’s natural motion rather then “gym science.”


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Private Training

One-on-one training focuses on the individual – whether it’s weight loss, sport specific, returning from an injury or you just like the personal attention and motivation of private training.

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Small Group Training & Classes

Team training offers a larger group setting of 4-8 individuals who all train together. This program is designed to deliver quick results and addresses the most popular goals including losing weight, toning muscles, dropping fat percentage and transforming you to look and feel good!

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EVOLVE Approach on Nutrition

In a world where a new diet trend or fad pops up every few weeks it’s not a surprise that many are confused and struggle with their approach to a healthy diet.

 We believe there is no “best diet.”

  • The guidelines we ask you to follow for a sustainable eating plan are:
  • eliminate nutrient deficiencies by not eliminating a specific food group
  • balanced macronutrient intake specific to you
  • avoid processed foods
  • monitor your portions
  • exercise regularly
  • 90/10 approach (90% of the good foods, 10% bad foods)
  • sleep well, drink water
  • be consistent


We believe the best approach for everyone is specific to YOU because everyone comes from a different place (time availability, family, job, fitness level, nutrition history, culture).  There is no “best” approach, just the one that is attainable and sustainable for you.

Our coaches are certified through Precision Nutrition and we offer coaching online with PN’s “Pro-Coach” system.  The system is customized to the individual based on developing attainable habits for long term success.

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