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Evolve Personal Fitness is your alternative to large, impersonal gyms. We focus on relationships with our members, customer service that exceeds your expectations and education designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. We are not your typical “social club,” warehouse type gym, nor are we the “hard core” gym depicted in most magazines and television shows. We are a gym that caters to people who have never been in a gym before, and to those who just need to upgrade their workout experience.


We are proud of what we do here and feel that if we are given a chance you will want to do business with us.  We have been servicing clients in the St. Louis area for more than 12 years and are proud to be a locally owned and operated business.


Not one client is the same or responds to one specific method of training. We create a program that meets your training goals and delivers quick results.

Training for Warriors

A small group setting of 4-8 individuals who train together. This program is designed to deliver quick results and addresses the most popular fitness goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Our registered and licensed dietician creates customized nutrition programs for each of our clients.

Personal/Business Coaching

A coaching program built around accountability for small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed in each aspect of their lives.


What might I expect to do during a workout?

Everyone starts with some sort of warm up activity – cardiovascular in nature – but it could involve one of our many pieces of cardio equipment, or utilizing space performing our “dynamic warm up.”

Stretching is next – either on your own – or with assistance from your trainer. Stretching is the forgotten component of training and we place a high emphasis on it. All your tight muscles and problem areas will be worked on – to help improve your posture, wake up those sleepy or saggy muscles and get your body ready for what is to come.

The main part of the workout could consist of a number of activities – all dependent on your condition and your goals but it might include traditional weight training, plyometrics, functional training with medicine balls and balance boards and anything from Olympic style weightlifting to good old calisthenics.

The workout concludes with more cardio work and some myofascial release – a form of self stretching and massage that will get rid of those aches, pains and knots in your muscles.

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