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Can’t make more…Save it while you can

Can’t make more…Save it while you can

We all get the same amount each day but I am noticing a trend with a lot of people that I am coming in contact with…
Not enough of it
Too busy
Can’t find time for fun
For their families, their spouse/significant other, themselves
Guess What?
Life is not going to slow down
If it does then something very bad must have happened
I can absolutely relate.
Not sure if the holiday’s throw off production to finish the year or if the new year has lit a fire under people but it definitely feels like everything has been pushed into double time here in January.
So, here are my
1. Remove Apps and Notifications that cost you time from your phone.  Or move them to the second page of your phone.  
I did this a few months back by moving FB to my second page of apps.  Sure enough I spend less time on FB.  Also, by removing most notifications on my phone other than text has saved a ton of time.
Less distractions = More productivity
2.  Prep ahead- So, this seems like a no brainer, I have always preached preparation for the next day.  But I think it’s a great reminder that when you are wide awake at night to put out your clothes for the next day, make your lunch/breakfast, know the family schedule. 
Even though I am a morning person it is still much easier to have all of the above done.  Not only does it make your morning more efficient to get out the door but it makes it less STRESSFUL.
3.  Meditate/Create Space 5-10 mins
I know I know stopping everything to do nothing doesn’t seem like a time saver but hear me out.
How often during the day at work do you feel stuck?
Like you are spinning your wheels on a project and you just can’t get clear
You feel drained and out of gas for the day and it’s only 2pm.
What if instead of spinning your wheels for the rest of the day or dragging yourself through the rest of the afternoon.  
You just 
create space with a short walk outside.  Go to your car and just listen to your favorite song or two.
Just create a mental pattern interrupt in order to create the answers or energy that you need.  How much would that save you each day?
Slow down to Speed Up
4.  Educate Efficiently
If you are on this email then you care about your personal development…at least to some extent.  So, utilize technology to educate.  Audio books and Podcasts are a great way to make good use of that time in traffic to and from work.  Think about it, how much time do you spend commuting each day? 
30 mins, 60 mins, more?
What if you picked a topic that would help you to be better at your job, your health, as a parent, or just a more awesome person than you already are.
You could conceivably knock out a few books a month just by going to work and heading home.
5.  Stay Focused on your Business
How often do we focus on someone else’s business?
Friends, foes, coworkers, siblings, randoms on social media.
Put your energy to taking care of what you can control.
And that’s you and your family
Quit focusing on nonsense on the news, FB, twitter, IG, etc
You can’t change it, no matter how much you talk about it, tweet about it, think about it.

Well, there you go
Notice I didn’t go with what every other expert tells you
Stop watching TV
Get Up Earlier
Go to Bed Earlier
TV can be fun and good to slow your mind down at the end of the day
Either you can get up early or you can’t
Some just are night owls
That’s why these Time Savers don’t adjust anything in your day but your awareness on how to make your day easier.
Try out 1 or 2 of them
I guarantee that it will make a difference if you are consistent with at least 1.
Then all you have to do is figure out what you will do with the extra 15, 30, 60+ mins everyday.
That’s the pay off
To become happier and less stressed.
Keep doing what you are doing
Keep feeling overwhelmed, stressed, pissed
If what you got ain’t working you gotta do something different
Just quit bitching bc no one wants to hear it especially if you aren’t willing to make a change.
your coach, Doug
P.S.   For those who don’t already come in and train at Evolve we will be giving you and your significant other the chance for some quality TIME together.  Our couples 6 week Valentine’s Day Challenge.  Starting Feb 20th!  Chance to win the ultimate date day/night!  Single?  No problem, workout with a friend, sibling, parent that you wish you could hang out with more often.  Email me for more details and keep an eye on our FB page.


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